The Area of Skovshoved

Skovshoved Roklub was established in 1938 and has around 500 members. The rowing club offers four activities to the members; rowing, kayaking sea kayaking and canoepolo. It was Skovshoved Roklub that introduced canopeolo in Denmark and has since then been one of the major clubs within canoepolo and are the reigning Danish Champions.

With the canoepolo venue that opened in May 2016, Skovshoved Roklub has once again spearheaded the development of canoepolo in Denmark, and was proud to host the second ECA CUP 2017.

Skovshoved is a former fishing village on the Øresund coast north of Copenhagen. The area is part of Gentofte Municipality. The first harbor was built in 1869 but the current design of Skovshoved Harbour is from 1938. In 2016 the harbour was reopened after having been expanded, and it was during the expansion that the canoepolo venue was build . The town Skovshoved is known for its cosy small houses which are dated back to when the inhabitant of the town was fishermen.

Skovshoved Harbour is located only 10 kilometers from the city center of Copenhagen. There are many kayaking and canoepolo clubs in the neighbourhood around and in Copenhagen. 25% of all the kayaking and canoeing people is in this area with around a dozen clubs. Also most of the canoepolo people is in this area, but only located in dozen clubs.

You can find a map of kayaking and canoeing clubs in Denmark: here